ORTA°C’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for International Charter has been issued by the Director of Civil Aviation of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, known as 2-REG . Administered from the Channel Island of Guernsey, 2-REG confers many benefits on clients of ORTA°C, including:-

  • Guernsey, like Jersey, is a neutral, semi-autonomous state with a long history of political stability. It is allied to the UK and sits within Europe, but is governed by neither. This means that the laws underpinning 2-REG , whilst robustly following the regulations set down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), have been established locally and pragmatically to enable the safe, quick and efficient registration of aircraft. 2-REG is also able to validate pilot and engineer licences, based on host licences, without the need for replicating training which has already been undertaken, which could prove costly and time-consuming.
  • 2-REG accepts aircraft which are compliant with the regulatory systems within the major aviation jurisdictions ie. USA, EU, Canada and Brazil.
  • 2-REG is fast becoming internationally recognised for its stringent compliance and safety standards; an efficient approach within civil aviation services, which cuts through traditional layers of slow moving bureaucracy; as well as its friendly, client-focused, customised solutions.
  • 2-REG has a worldwide network of safety oversight inspectors for convenience and cost savings, ensuring stringent safety compliance.
  • 2-REG has a rapid response rate and offers 24/7 support, on request.
  • 2-REG specialises in VVIP aircraft registration services and provides a neutral and low profile registration mark, which can be attractive when flying over politically sensitive regions.
  • The 2-REG nationality mark consists of the number 2 followed by four letters. This unique mark facilitates attractive personalised combinations, such as names (2-JOHN), places (2-BALI), verbs (2-SAVE), or even phrases (2-COOL).

Useful Links for Further information include:-


Guernsey Aviation Requirements (GARs): The GARs provide detailed regulatory material and acceptable means of compliance for registration and operation of aircraft on the 2-REG.


Guernsey Advisory Circulars (GACs): GACs provide advice for those wishing to register and operate aircraft on the 2-REG.