Christian Le Moignan

Safety Manager

Christian Le Moignan has over 9,000 flying hours under his belt and 30 years of experience across the aviation industry, making him perfectly positioned to hold the key role of Safety Managerat ORTAC.

Christian began his aviation career with ten years as an Air Traffic Controller in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Fulfilling his urge to climb into a cockpit and be on the screen, instead of monitoring it, he retrained as a pilot and flew Airbus and Boeing for commercial airlines for a further decade.

For the last ten years, Christian has been flying corporate jets worldwide – namely Bombardier Learjet and Dassault Falcon 7X – for which Christian was both the lead pilot and the Line Training Captain.

Safety is the number one priority at ORTAC– everything we do, at every operational level, is driven by our focus on keeping our clients safe in the sky – so it is important that our Safety Manager possesses a broad experience and in depth knowledge of the aviation industry.