Commercial Services

ORTA°C is the commercial division of ORTAC Operations Management Ltd and provides specialist aircraft purchasing solutions and operations structures. In particular, because ORTA°C has been granted an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for international charter (by 2-REG) and Third Country Operator authorisation (by EASA), it is able to assist owners in off-setting the operational costs of their personal flights, by making their aircraft available for third-party, commercial charter. This charter facility is personally organised and managed by the ORTA°C team and is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each client.

In addition to efficiently meeting regulatory obligations and arranging for the commercial charter of their aircraft, ORTA°C can provide owners with full safety compliance services and 24-7 flight operations support, with concierge style services, to meet all passenger requirements.

Jersey as Principle Place of Operation

By engaging ORTA°C, owners effectively shift the principle place of operation of their aircraft to the Channel Island of Jersey, which is situated outside the EU (there is no need to base the aircraft in Jersey – just its flight operations). With a long history of political stability, Jersey is a stringently regulated and internationally respected offshore financial centre, which features on the OECD White List and has been assessed by Standard & Poors to have an AAA credit rating.

This principle place of operation confers a number of operational benefits on aircraft owners who utilise ORTA°C’s services – for example, highly efficient structuring solutions for aircraft being imported for free circulation within the EU, together with time and cost savings for crew and engineer licencing.

Jersey is also a popular location for high net worth individuals to establish a base.  The Island is a beautiful, safe location, in the hub of Europe, where residents can enjoy both an excellent quality of life and operate in a high-quality business environment.  For more information abut relocating to Jersey, please contact Locate Jersey.


ORTA°C’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for International Charter was issued by the Director of Civil Aviation of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, known as 2-REG. Administered from the Channel Island of Guernsey, 2-REG confers many benefits  on clients of ORTA°C.

2-REG is fast becoming internationally recognised for its stringent compliance and safety standards; an efficient approach within civil aviation services, which cuts through traditional layers of slow moving bureaucracy; as well as its friendly, client-focused, customised solutions.


ORTA°C appreciates the value of confidentiality and discretion for our clients, as well as the need for clear and transparent business practice.  We have an open-door policy in terms of audit and due diligence and we would welcome any stress testing of our robust oversight and management procedures connected with our operations. All transactions in relation to the operations of our clients’ aircraft are undertaken through a third-party ‘gatekeeper’- an independent, regulated entity, also based in Jersey.

ORTA°C understands that each aircraft owner has a unique set of ownership requirements. If you would like to know more about the full range of services that we can provide and how we can help you or your client, please contact us directly for a confidential discussion.

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