Our Company

If you own, or are considering owning, a non-European registered aircraft, ORTAC is uniquely positioned, geographically and legislatively, to undertake your flight operations and regulatory compliance systems – providing as much or as little bespoke support as you require.

The combined knowledge and experience of ORTAC’s directors provides its clients with access to a unique skillset within the industry – comprehensively spanning flying; operational; financial; regulatory and legal expertise.  Each with over 30 years’ experience in aviation, our Directors’ extensive technical capabilities enable you to outsource the day-to-day running of your aircraft to us –  clients are encouraged to think of us as their expert, in-house flight department.

From helping you to select, purchase and structure your aircraft acquisition cost-effectively, to ensuring your stringent and professional safety compliance with the relevant aviation regulations; from sourcing crew, to maintaining their professional training; from filing flight plans, to providing in-flight weather updates; from organising ground support, to booking crew accommodation….whatever you need, ORTAC will go above and beyond to ensure that any stresses or concerns are alleviated and you can simply enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership!

Efficient operations

ORTAC maintains a 24/7 operations headquarters at Jersey Airport, on the British Channel Island of Jersey – outside the EU, but sitting in the heart of Europe’s busiest private jet hubs, only 30 minutes from London or Paris.  By engaging ORTAC to manage your aircraft, clients effectively shift the principal place of business of their flight operations to the Island.  Jersey is a highly-regulated and internationally respected off-shore financial centre, which features on the OECD White List and has been assessed by Standard & Poors to have an AAA credit rating.   With a long history of political stability, its autonomous structure confers many operational benefits and financial efficiencies on aircraft owners who utilise ORTAC’s services.

Efficient safety compliance

European safety regulations, have a specific impact on business aircraft registered outside, but with operators who are based within, Europe.

ORTAC is uniquely positioned on the independent, off-shore Channel Island of Jersey, whilst geographically sitting within Europe we are not regulated by it.  Shifting your principal place of business to this highly-respected, non-EU jurisdiction means that owners are able to enjoy substantial cost savings, by adhering solely to the precedent-setting International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations. Other European-based operators must adhere to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations and (where the aircraft is registered outside the EU) must also demonstrate compliance with additional ICAO legislation.

If you would like to know more about the implications of the relevant regulatory compliance pertinent to your operations, please contact us directly for confidential and tailored advice.

ORTAC provides a safety management system with an audit function to demonstrate compliance with ICAO Annexe 6 part II (as opposed to Part-NCC) for owners of non-EASA registered aircraft. By operating from an offshore operations base in Jersey we strive to ensure that your aircraft can be demonstrated as being fully compliant on a SAFA ramp check (this has been successfully demonstrated in a number of SAFA ramp checks over the past 12 months).

Our team is made up of Aviation Authority recognised industry specialists who have developed safety and operational management systems that demonstrate an acceptable means of compliance with ICAO Annexe 6 Part II – an alternative to EASA requirements for compliance with Part-NCC, constituting an Acceptable Method of Compliance. This provides a versatile and cost-effective way of operating within the EU, but with the benefits of attaching to an offshore operational base in Jersey.

ORTAC offers flexible and personalised operational solutions. This can be a complete package that includes all day-to-day flight and logistical planning, ongoing safety and holding of documentation, or a bespoke package with services tailored to meet an owner’s specific needs.


With our extensive experience across the business aviation sector, ORTAC understands that maintaining our clients’ confidentiality is paramount.  We take your privacy and personal security as seriously as you do and you can rest assured that you will have the benefit of our total discretion at all times.