What does ORTAC mean?

ORTAC is named after the flight navigation way point ‘Ortac’, which takes its name from a small, uninhabited islet, situated at the most northerly point of the British Channel Islands.  Ortac marks the entrance to the Channel Islands’ airspace, between the UK and France, where the company is located, on the off-shore centre of Jersey.  Its position is 49° 59’ 57N, 2° 0’ 18W, which are the co-ordinates you see at the bottom of each of our web pages!

When aircraft transit ORTAC they enter the Channel Islands air zone.  To us, this zone symbolises the entry point into a unique regulatory space, allowing you to transit your aircraft to a secure and efficient operational jurisdiction. Here, you can be assured that your aircraft safety is comprehensively taken care of and at the same time shifting your operations to a regulatory framework that is flexible and practical.


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