Flight Operations

At ORTAC, we view the operational management of an aircraft as a personalised relationship – a unique, tailor-made partnership between ourselves and the aircraft owner.   Unlike larger operators we can provide a flexible, bespoke service to meet your specific operational and personal requirements.

ORTAC maintains a 24/7 operations headquarters at Jersey Airport, on the British Channel Island of Jersey – centrally located, outside the EU, but only 30 minutes from London.  By engaging ORTAC to manage their aircraft, clients effectively move the principal place of operation of their flight operations to the Island.  Jersey is a highly-regulated and internationally respected off-shore financial centre, which features on the OECD White List and has been assessed by Standard & Poors to have an AAA credit rating.   With a long history of political stability, its autonomous structure confers many operational benefits and cost efficiencies on our aircraft owners.

All your flight operations are handled by our team of experienced specialists, who act as your personal, in-house flight department, ensuring full confidentiality and a swift response time.  We provide a fully comprehensive package of flight operations support, from which our clients can select the specific services they require.  This could include:- detailed information on flight times; airports; ground agents; international requirements; weather; catering; security; customs and immigration; ground transportation and even nearby hotels.

For further information please contact our directors to discuss your specific operational needs.


Safety Management Systems

Compliance with either ICAO Annex 6 Part II or EASA Part-NCC, requires an aviation operator to establish and utilise a Safety Management System (SMS).  Please note that this is not included in the cost of our services, as we understand that many aircraft owners may have already implemented their own system.

If an aircraft owner does not have an existing SMS, please contact us at ORTAC for further information and advice.


Pilot Licencing

One of the added benefits of utilising ORTAC ‘s off-shore base of Jersey as your principal place of operation, is that the pilots of non-EASA registered aircraft (managed and operated through ORTAC) are able to continue to fly the aircraft under their existing International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) country licences, such as:- US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA);  Canadian Transport Canada (TC); European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or other ICAO regulatory authorities.

This alleviates the cost and time implications of keeping two licences running concurrently, which would be the case, if your principal place of business was within the EU.


Regulated gatekeeper services

All financial transactions regarding your aircraft management and maintenance are administered and overseen by a third party ‘gate-keeper’, which is a regulated entity, also located within the off-shore financial centre of Jersey.

This third party gate-keeper system provides owners with complete transparency and a full set of accounting records and assists with the effective financial management of all aspects of aircraft ownership.

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