Compliance Services

After legislative changes in 2016, hundreds of aircraft are currently flying, without being fully compliant with the latest safety legislation – is yours?

ORTAC makes your safety our primary concern.  We are uniquely positioned to handle your safety compliance for you, ensuring your aircraft is always up-to-date with the most recent regulations.

Across Europe, Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) ramp checks are routinely carried out by inspectors, who can inspect any aircraft, at any time, to assess whether the craft is airworthy and if the crew is properly licensed.

Finding your way through the aviation regulatory system can be complex, time-consuming and costly process and if your aircraft is found to be non-compliant with the relevant European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) legislation, you could be prevented from operating.

The ORTAC team has many years of broad expertise, across the aviation sector.  Our industry recognised regulatory specialists will make sure that your aircraft and all your crew members are fully compliant with up-to-date safety legislation.  Acting as your ‘in-house operations team’, we will take full responsibility for the on-going safety of your aircraft and deal with all the compliance documentation, so you can relax and fly, with peace of mind.

Our team is made up of Aviation Authority recognised industry compliance specialists, who run the ORTAC safety and operational management systems, demonstrating the required Acceptable Method of Compliance for non-EASA registered aircraft, with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)  Annexe 6 Part II (as opposed to Part-NCC).

Operating from your principal place of operation, in the off-shore jurisdiction of Jersey, we will ensure that your aircraft remains compliant on a SAFA ramp check .  Should any remedial work need to be carried out, or supplementary paperwork be provided, we will organise this, ensuring minimal disruption to flying.

In addition ORTAC carries out its own internal six monthly audits on your aircraft.  This involves flying a sector with the crew and running through our own stringent safety checklists.  Not only does this mean that we can ensure that your aircraft would pass an official SAFA check, we can also comprehensively prove to the regulator that we are providing proper safety oversight.

In order to demonstrate regulatory compliance on behalf of our clients ORTAC has expert proficiency in the areas of Operational Management Compliance; Airworthiness; Maintenance Management and Flight Operations Management.  With our industry recognised expertise, the following ‘post-holder’ roles (required by the regulator) are fulfilled by our three directors:-  Tobi Mathews, Philip Stott and Lee McConnell.

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